What's the big deal with Gospel Walking Sticks?

Sometimes you are confronted with something that seems too good to be true… But then you find out it IS true! That’s how I feel about Gospel Walking Sticks!

These simple evangelistic tools are nothing more than para-cord or leather, beads, tract, and wooden stick. People cannot get enough of them! They literally line up to receive them.


What makes them so very amazing? Just looking at them, not much, but as a tool for sharing the Gospel, they are POWERFUL! In 7 days of a county fair here in Ohio, God allowed us to put out 3,750+ sticks!

Here’s how these sticks work: Lumber mills throw away dowel rods and furring strips by the thousands. With the right connections, people and churches can get them donated. With a little bit of investment into gold, black, red, white, and green beads, para-cord or leather straps, a simple business card sized salvation explanation, and a lot of assembly work, you end up with Gospel Walking Sticks.


Set up shop at a fair and watch the sticks disappear! Now, we have a rule, no one gets a stick without listening to the “instruction manual”. It goes something like this: “Here is the instruction manual for this Gospel Walking Stick. You see this gold bead? That gold color represents Heaven. Now, everyone wants to go to Heaven, BUT, there’s a problem. This dark color bead represents Sin… Sin is what keeps us out of Heaven. But, there is good news! The red, shed blood of Jesus represented by this red bead paid the penalty so we could be white as snow, like this white bead! Now, if we accept this truth, we can live forever in Heaven represented by this evergreen colored bead!”


Super simple, right? Here’s what’s amazing: we got to give that short and simple Gospel plan to 3,000+ plus people, and 99.9% of them were happy to hear it! Why?! All because we were giving them a silly stick!

If you would like more information about these Gospel Walking Sticks, or maybe you want to know how to use them at your church, please CONTACT me. I’d love to help you!

Thank you so much to each and every person that helped cut, drill, assemble, transport, or distribute these amazing Gospel Walking Sticks!

Micah McCurryComment