Just Write (more than Instagram captions).

Let me challenge you to be a writer. Let me challenge you to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. We need more writers. I did not say we need more best sellers. We need more writers.

Who am I to challenge you? Some prolific writer? An influencer with a popular blog? No and No. I am a nobody. I have no clout. I don’t write this to you from an ivory tower or a wood clad study beside a roaring fire surrounded by classical tomes. I am simply addressing an issue I see as a need.

In this age of social media and instant access to the minds of millions, it seems less of substance is being written every day. Don’t misunderstand me, there are still some that produce quality content in written form, and to them I am grateful. For far too many though, writing is seen as a necessary evil of the school system, and a practice to be avoided as much as possible upon graduation.

This message, this challenge, isn’t for everyone. This memorandum is for a man or woman, whether young or old, that doesn’t think they have anything to write that is worth reading. This challenge is for someone that has dabbled in writing but has no disciplined system. It’s for someone that has never really written anything besides book reports. Forget what I said before; this message IS for everyone. You see, I did not challenge you to publish your writing. You don’t need a bound book as the fruit of your labor. You don’t need a blog to post your magnum opus on. I simply challenge YOU to write!

Can you legitimately use Instagram captions as a writing outlet? Sure, you can! Don’t think too hard about how or where you write. Right now, I'm writing to you from my basement office: an unfinished room that still smells of sawdust. Don’t make excuses. Use the notes app on your phone. Jot a paragraph on a bulletin in your Bible. Develop a thought on your iPad. Just write!

I would love to read what you write! I am no expert! Don’t send me your work expecting an informed opinion in return. But, I would love to read it none the less, so email me at micah.mccurry@gmail.com. I’d love to be an audience of one for your writing!

Just write.

Micah McCurryComment